Facilitating Work-Life Balance


Recreational and sporting activities are organised within the Group to ensure a healthy and positive workforce. This also helps  to reinforce team spirit among all employees. Employee involvement in sports and recreational activities are under the purview  of the sports and recreational club, Kelab Sukan dan Kebajikan TDM, which was established exclusively for our employees. The  club promotes strong social ties with the surrounding communities by organising various activities and programmes involving its  members as well as government and non-governmental organisations.

TDM’s Hari Raya Gathering and the Annual Performance Awards event are two popular events which promote positive interactions  in an informal setting. While the Hari Raya Gathering encourages our employees to get their family members involved in social  activities, the Annual Performance Awards event validates employees through recognising their achievements via employee  awards, connects leadership with employees, boosts company morale and strengthens ties among employees from different  departments.




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