Diversity of People


TDM welcomes a diverse workforce spanning a spectrum of  different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, genders and ages.  At the same time, we respect and welcome the distinct  attributes of every individual within our workforce. This is in  line with our Gender and Diversity Policy.

Our corporate culture embraces the diversity of people  in our organisation and promotes a conducive workplace  and environment, which is free of harassment in any form,  including, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin,  ancestry, non-disqualifying physical or mental, disability,  marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

As at 31 December 2018, the Group has a total  workforce of 4,403 people. From the total workforce,  32% were women and 68% were male employees. In  the Plantation Division, 15% were women and 85%  were male employees while in the Healthcare Division,  73% were women and 27% were male employees.

The Group actively encourages women to excel in both  Divisions. However, the plantation sector is traditionally a  male dominated industry due to the heavy physical nature  of the tasks involved.

57% of workers employed in the Plantation Division were  mostly foreign labour from Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Nevertheless, to prevent workplace discrimination amongst  women in the plantation industry, TDM has set up a gender  committee at the estate level where women are encouraged  to participate as committee members.

Notwithstanding this, we have female talents in the  management team, which were mainly involved in  administrative activities. In the Healthcare Division, women  were mostly engaged in nursing and administrative duties.  Day care centres and kindergartens were also available in  operating units to support the Group’s female employees  and their children.

There were no disabled employees under our employment  within the reporting period.



For TDM’s Board of Directors’ demography, please refer to  the Corporate Governance Statement on pages 129 to 147.














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