Akademi TDM was launched in August 2017 to conduct  specialised training programmes to meet the needs of  the Group and also, potentially, private entities across  Terengganu which include smallholders and other parties  involved in oil palm plantation. Training is conducted by either  internal and external trainers.

Orientation and induction training sessions are conducted  by either the Estate Manager or Assistant Manager, as well  as the estate’s personnel in charge of Safety, Health and  Environment with the assistance of an interpreter where  applicable. Training material is currently available in English  and Malay.

Capability building includes best practice training for  agriculture, environmental management, peat management,  health and safety, and fire prevention techniques. Trainings  are generally delivered by the Training Department and  Human Resource departments throughout the Group’s  operations.

In 2018, TDM Berhad and TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd. invested  a total of RM73,583 as compared with RM211,092 in 2017  for employee training and development programmes.  Cost has been drastically reduced since the inception of  Akademi TDM in 2017 and in-house training has been in full  gear.


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