The Group’s Healthcare Division strives to offer local  communities with the most convenient, affordable and  personalised private healthcare available.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Kumpulan Medic Iman  operates four secondary community hospitals in Malaysia.  These specialist hospitals provide a range of medical  needs for the community living within the vicinity.

A reliable measure of customer satisfaction enables our  hospitals to improve patient experience, provides insight  for service and/or process improvements and reflects  customer loyalty for sustaining the business.

We incorporate feedback tools, which include a 24-  hour customer call centre and dedicated e-mail which  are available in addition to suggestion boxes which are  placed at each of our hospitals. Collecting feedback  from patients about the medical and overall care not  only helps our hospital administrators to keep track of  their internal processes but also helps them to have a  better understanding of the functionality of individual  departments.

The advantages of collecting patient feedback are  not only confined for the betterment of patients and  hospital employees but also for the Ministry of Health in  developing better policies based on the requirements of  the population.

Compliance to Regulations and Law Pertaining  to Community Matters


As such, feedback is an effective indicator to measure the  success of our hospitals. In assessing the quality of our  healthcare, we conduct pre-discharge face-to-face interviews  for inpatients and encourage the use of feedback forms  at the outpatient clinics at our hospitals. The form is built  around the Customer Service Index (CSI) which focusses on  the standard Net Promoting Score and Customer Satisfaction  Score.

Aside from our focus in offering quality healthcare, our  hospitals also organise talks, Health Screening Programmes  and various other programmes for our existing customers  and the general public on a regular basis.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and  Instagram were used by our hospitals to engage with their  stakeholders. These social media platforms also attract  customers because it allows the hospital to connect with  potential patients one-on-one, while also providing valuable  information to help them make the best decision for their  health.

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