Business continuity is vital for the Group as our Plantation  and Healthcare operations need to be sustainable to  guarantee our future in many more years to come.  The Management and the Board of TDM conduct annual  planning and strategies on Risk Management as reported in  the Corporate Governance statements.

Technology also contributes to the Group’s business  continuity plan. The IT division of the Group oversees the  handling of the current system for a smooth and progressive  transition into future.

Succession planning is also a prominent element in TDM’s  business continuity planning. We have developed a strong  bench of high-performing talents to support our growth.


TDM leverages on innovation in the plantation sector to drive  sustainability at every level of operations. Currently, TDM  will be generating energy from biogas under a feed-in-tariff  (FiT) to supply electricity from our facilities in Kemaman and  Sungai Tong which is slated to commence in 2019 through  to 2020. Thus, FIT generates economic returns for the Group  while also reducing electricity and water consumption as  well as air pollution. We are also in discussions to capture  the by-product of methane gas for conversion into fuel or  chemical feedstock as well as direct supply of electricity into  the national grid from our FiT efforts.

Looking ahead, future sustainability initiatives include  bio-composting operations via microbial technology with  bacteria from our own ponds, recycling and reusing of all  wastes.


Under our Healthcare Division, new services that will be  introduced in our hospitals include Cardiac Centre and Eye  Centre. The introduction of Tertiary Care is also in the works.  We will also introduce a Cathlab at KMC where construction  will commence in 2019. All these improvements are to  support our capacity and capability growth.

In addition, the Group will be implementing the Customer  Service Index (CSI) which focusses on the Net Promoting  Score and Customer Satisfaction Score. We expect to  implement this in 2019.

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