Plantation Division

Palm oil waste management is often a challenge for the  industry due to the large quantities of waste generated  during production. However, sustainable waste management  solutions offer opportunities to boost eco-efficiency.

TDM applies sustainable waste management strategies  to handle the large amount of biomass by-products  generated during operations. Pruned fronds, old palm  trunks and treated palm oil mill effluent (POME) mixing  with BOF are recycled back to the soil as natural fertilisers.  To address this, the Group owns and operates two  bio-composting plants which have the combined capacity to  produce 61,000 tonnes of bio-organic fertiliser in a year.

Other forms of biomass such as fibres and EFBs are used as  a renewable energy source to generate steam and electricity  for mill processing. This green energy sustains up to 98% of  the Group’s mills’ energy needs.



Healthcare Division

For Healthcare, waste management is managed according  to KMI Hospitals Policy. Waste is divided into scheduled  (clinical waste, chemical waste, liquid waste and batteries)  and non-scheduled waste (general waste, food waste and  recycled waste). Colour coded bags and containers are used  to segregate different categories of waste.

Spillages are hazardous and employees are required to  strictly practise standard precaution and seek immediate  medical treatment upon contact with such materials.  Policies, procedures and instructions are clearly placed for  all employees to adhere to.

All waste at each premise or complex is monitored by  personnel who are Certified Environmental Professionals  in Scheduled Waste Management (CePSWAM) and reports  are submitted to the EPMC and Environmental Regulatory  Compliance Monitoring Committee (ERCMC) regularly.

Majority of waste are clinical waste that are non-hazardous.  It is disposed by appointed waste management vendors who  are specialised to handle clinical waste. Different vendors are  appointed for different hospital locations.


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