As outlined in TDM’s Environment & Biodiversity Policy and  Agrochemical Management Policy, we strive to maintain the  quality and fertility of our plantation soil in order to sustain  high yields through the adoption of Good Agricultural  Practices (GAP) and Good Milling Practices (GMP).

Our deployment of best soil conservation practices include:

  • Enriching the soil via good fertiliser management to supply each palm with balanced nutrients in ensuring healthy vegetative growth and optimum economic  FFB yields. This also includes the integration of mineral  fertilisers and palm residues. Whenever possible,  TDM recycles palm organic matter which include Empty  Fruit Bunches (EFB) and compost to improve soil health.
  • Enhanced methods of fertiliser application.
  • Assess soil toxicity and apply actions to overcome it, this assessment is done at intervals which differs from each area or estate.

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