Sustainable planting is at the heart of our Planting Division.  Guided by our Replanting Policy, we take full advantage  to plant and replant whilst adding measures to reduce the  effects of drought or flood.

The Group continuously rejuvenates existing estates by  introducing a replanting programme. This programme  is aimed at improving productivity and efficiency by  implementing high density planting, using superior planting  progenies and redesigning estates to enable higher rate of  mechanisation.

Our policy is to replant 5% of the total hectarage in our  Terengganu plantations. We replant at least 1,500 ha per  year. Our replanting programme plans are to achieve an  average age profile of 13 years by 2022.


Hectarage (ha)

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Terengganu Replanting Programme

Terengganu estates started its replanting programme  in 2012 which involved the redesigning of estate  plantations, utilising superior planting materials and  higher planting density. With improved mechanisation  methods, crop evacuation has become more efficient.

By 2016, the Group reaped its first produce from this  replanting exercise. Previously, it took 36 months to  harvest. With new planting material and improved  processes, harvesting can now be done after just  30 months.

Whilst our strategy of replanting has focused on future  drainability and to reduce GHG emissions during replanting,  zero-burning practice is emphasised.

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