Throughout FY2018, we encountered many challenges, risks  and opportunities in our sustainability journey. We embrace the  diligence required to dig into our processes to ensure that the  momentum we have generated across our sustainability pursuits  will be maintained.

This report has been documented and prepared with the support  of the Sustainability Committee (SCoM) and the Sustainability  Working Group (SWG) which consist of the senior management  of various related departments involved in the management and  implementation of the Group’s sustainability efforts.

TDM has a well-defined governance structure in place to drive  sustainability across the Group. The established Sustainable  Committee assists the Board of Directors (Board) to meet its  oversight responsibilities in relation to the approval of Policies  on Sustainability. The Board is responsible and accountable in  evaluating the Group’s sustainability performance on a periodical  basis.

The Group Chief Officer (GCEO) who is the Chair of the  Sustainability Committee (SCoM) is responsible for managing  sustainability and decision-making on EES matters within the  Group.

The SCoM consists of the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating  Officer, Chief Executive Officer for TDM Plantation and Chief  Executive Officer for Kumpulan Medic Iman.

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