Stakeholder engagement has always been an integral part of the Group’s approach to gain feedback and subsequently improve  business operations as well as other corporate activities.

From the initial list, in 2018 we conducted a Materiality Survey in 2018 to determine the Group’s 10 most material matters on  two fronts:

  • Stakeholders to establish the importance of materiality matters to their priorities and concerns; and
  • Board of Directors and key management personnel to outline the relevance of materiality matters to TDM’s business interests.

The survey, prepared in two languages (Malay and English), was sent out to nine stakeholder groups, as listed below:

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Survey participants were requested to score each of  the materiality matter on a scale of 0-5 according to its  importance, with the scoring guide as follows:


We received a total of 115 responses from stakeholder  groups, with slightly more than three quarters coming  from employees and fair representation from shareholders,  vendors and suppliers, business partners and banks/legal  firms. Another 30 responses were received from the Board  and key management personnel.

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