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BALANCING SHAREHOLDER INTEREST AND  SUSTAINABILITY Through our Sustainability initiatives and efforts, we believe  we have struck a balance between the People-Planet-Profit  triangle in our management approach and the policies  we have enforced. With sustainability becoming a more  prevalent part of economies as a whole, we have had to  focus greater attention on incorporating sustainability into …
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Sustainability and Profitable Growth

RESPONSIBLE PROFITS THROUGH SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS  PROFITABLE RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS Sustainability, in a broader sense, can be defined as 3Ps: People, Planet and Profit,  a concept derived from the 1987 Brundtland Commission. Planting oil palm can be sustainable because it fulfils all the 3Ps: job creation for the local population; safeguarding  the planet (environment) via suitable agricultural…
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ENERGY AND RENEWABLE RESOURCES The Group continues to monitor the usage of non-renewable sources for energy  production to ensure efficient utilisation. Biomass Fibre and shell are recycled to generate reversible energy to power our mills via  our boilers at both Kemaman and Sungai Tong mills. The biomass reversible energy  represents 95% of our mills energy…
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Communication with Senior Management

COMMUNICATION WITH SENIOR MANAGEMENT Our Senior Management and Board members conduct  site visits at various facilities at both our Plantation and  Healthcare Divisions. These visits serve as a platform for  proactive engagement with our employees on site. While  meetings and discussions are regularly conducted at the  estates and hospitals, Town Hall sessions are also organised …
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Compensation and Benefits

COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS TDM is committed to paying all workers the statutory  monthly minimum wage and overtime compensation in  accordance with the current national labour regulations.  Estate Managers take proactive measures to increase the  workers’ productivity, with target earnings of at least 20%  more than the minimum wage for each worker during normal  working hours.…
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